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Do you wish to see your company gain benefit from brilliant strategies of workforce management from reliable company? Then, you can count on Image Bali International Manpower Agent for hiring the best workforce for you.

Image Bali International (IBI) Manpower Agent always provides the best solutions on business with services of outsourcing that may improve quality in hiring, escalating productivity with balanced efficiency. Surely, they are all with less risk and cost altogether. All said and done, Image Bali International Manpower Agent is the best answer for any hiring employees’ problems.

It has been two decades that IBI Manpower Agent has been searching for best talents of most Indonesian native people with an array of skills. We really care about the quality standards in which all people who we have recruited are the best candidates for all companies which have been our clients throughout the year.

IBI Manpower Agent is blessed in having good performance of recruiters focusing a lot of energy for finding best candidates for each job field. IBI Manpower Agent has the talent, resources with experiences in managing process of hiring employees from beginning to end. The company can also manage numerous portions of clients’ demands in certain place or worldwide. It can be said that IBI Manpower Agent is very flexible on changing with scalable solutions.
To attract top talent, Manpower Business Solutions partners with companies to improve sourcing strategies, identify unique recruiting avenues, and drive a positive employer brand experience for the candidate. We create efficiencies through best-in-class hiring practices and technology alignment. Every solution is tailored to our client's specific challenges and business objectives.

As a very reliable manpower agent, IBI has been setting up high standards for recruiting manpower throughout the country. All candidates should be going through several procedures of IBI Manpower Agent management. Strategy of recruitment should be noticed that hiring manpower should be through good researches. Then, direction and data will be joined with best applications in identifying very effective standard of IBI Manpower Agent.

As experienced recruiters, IBI Manpower Agent remains using innovative, yet conventional method in recruiting workforce. This is because those two methods can really give clear description upon all candidates actively and passively. So, it is only good candidates that will pass the exams held by IBI Manpower Agent.

IBI Manpower Agent also applies tight procedure of screening. The company can assess ability, skill and good personality for gaining good point of view of capabilities of all candidates. Review on those candidates will be done by behavioral interviews. Moreover, IBI Manpower Agent is combining high end technology along with experienced skills of recruitment for managing those abundant resumes. Advantages may comprise a good experience of brand to all candidates with clients’ time efficiencies.

In general, IBI Manpower Agent can supply all clients need like candidates with high quality, rates with reduced time cycle time to fill with low cost of hiring workforce. This is the best feature that IBI Manpower can give as no other manpower agency can surpass.


How do I hire Indonesian Workers?" is a question that foreign employers invariably ask when they are confronted with the need to hire foreign workers for their business operations.

Over the years, we deployed more than 2 thousands workers in various fields-professional, skilled, semi skilled and unskilled Indonesian workers, below are the steps we are doing to serve your needs of Manpower Recruitment Papers

An employer who has manpower requirement must submit the following recruitment documents to the nearest Indonesian Embassy/Consulate:
1. Special Power of Attorney or Service/Recruitment Agreement.
2. Master Employment Contract with the minimum contract provision.
3. Manpower Request

Recruiting Staff
In the selection of all categories of manpower for foreign employment, We will ensure that the personnel selected have: Good character and antecedents. Satisfactory health and medical fitness for the job assigned. Necessary training and competence to perform the jobs for which selected. For this purpose trade testing conducted under the supervision of our Technical division.

In the recruiting staff which not available on our pool, we will do advertising, headhunting and seminar

Screening / Job Interview
Our screening procedures are thorough, efficient and very effective. Recruiting staff often raises challenges as we've often done in large numbers and we have learned from our extensive experiences. Every applicant will go through an interview and selection procedure and reference checks and skills testing if and when possible. Each applicant is presented to the client with confidence which allows us to offer guarantees.

Medical Checks
Successful Candidates will go to medical checks at an authorized medical center by the embassy where the visa will be applied for. Selection of workers on the basis of Qualification Standard (QS) is subject to the result of medical examination conducted by duly accredited medical clinic or hospital. We will ensure that selected applicants undergo basic medical examination which shall include chest x-ray, blood pressure, EENT check-up, urinalysis, complete blood count (CBC), stool test and psychological test as well as other medical tests like HIV-test as specified under Employer-defined medical protocol.

Contract Signature/ Documentation Process/ Visa Application
The Employer shall employ the selected workers under an Employment Contract (EC), mutually agreed upon between the Employer and the worker. Once the contract is signed, we will process the documentation related to the government & immigration requirements and visa application at embassy that visa will be applied to within 10 days.

Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar
We will provide Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) to selected workers for which a certificate shall be issued. Such PDOS shall equip selected workers with basic understanding of the employment contract, information on host country profile and orientation on necessary values and attitudes for effective employment abroad Departure\We will immediately upon receiving of airline ticket or prepaid ticket advice for the booking of flights and/or departure advice to the workers.


Agency Service

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