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This page is for our clients who are mostly considering what to do and how to get good manpower from IBI Manpower Agent. There are basically lots of questions to be asked but below are most questions in which our clients usually ask. If you have further questions which are not mentioned below, you can contact us directly through email, social media or by phone. We are happy to assist you in providing the best manpower for your company’s growth

What kinds of employees’ positions so that clients can hire?
IBI Manpower Agent offers both huge range of skills for almost all industries. When clients are satisfied with our workforce, they can decide whether they can make the employees to become temporary or permanent employees.

How is the process of job placement?
IBI Manpower Agent always alert to any job chances in every field which might be needed in the future or immediate purposes. All employees are through tight steps of screening like personal interview. It can help clients in matching candidates with the field that needs workforce immediately.

How can I know that the candidates of employees are available at IBI Manpower Agent?
It is recommended in visiting as often as possible in viewing available employees by contacting us. There will be no significant changes for availability as we don’t reduce our workforce quality and ability.

Is there any benefit for hiring from IBI Manpower Agent?
IBI Manpower Agent offers lots of benefits on hiring workforce from this agent as all candidates have been through good selection through several exams. They are also trained to respect each other instead of just working to earn a living.

How can I count on IBI Manpower Agent?
IBI Manpower Agent strongly appreciate help from clients in supporting this company by hiring individuals. It will be a great benefit for all clients as they don’t have to spend too much money and time in searching best employees to fill the needed position. Clients don’t have to waste money for spending regularly each month for employees who don’t have effective job tasks.

What sort of resources IBI Manpower Agent has offered?
IBI Manpower Agent provides talented, highly skilled Indonesian workforce who need to earn a living as there are not many available working fields in Indonesia. They can work abroad with satisfying result in many job fields like manufacturing, infrastructure projects, tourism resorts and many more. They have proper and complete resume with several experiences and well done training.

Can those manpower adapt their existence on other countries?
They surely can as they are already trained in certain way to make good adaptation in every location. They have learned several languages of countries’ destination so that they can be marketable.

What about the contracts of candidates? What if they stop working before the contract ends?
Let’s say that the workers plan to stop working for ninety days after the agreement was signed, due to the incapability of the workers, then IBI Manpower Agent will send the substitute with the same skill and ability and expect much better result with the new representative. There will be no charge for clients. The ticket for returning to the destination country will be reimbursed by IBI Manpower Agent.

Agency Service

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